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SeeYou – Joins the dots

Our goal at Naviter is to assist pilots to develop excellence in their piloting skills. What does that mean? We provide you the tools to assist you in becoming the best pilot possible. All we do is designed around the extremely powerful SeeYou software, it is the hub of our products and allows you to join up all parts of the flying experience.

Pre-flight planning tools, in-flight navigation aids and post-flight analysis combine for more enjoyable, longer flights.

Pre-flight Planning

Clear Airspace Presentation
As all free flyers know, the most critical data for planning a flight is the weather, which is why in SeeYou we have integrated this information into the Pre-flight planning stage.

The software will even cross reference pre-saved flight plans with the weather forecast and email you when conditions are right to achieve one or more of them!

In-flight Navigation

Oudie and SeeYou Mobile for Navigation
A seamless transition from planning to flying will aid you to feel clear and comfortable about where you are going and how to get there.

Our flagship Oudie navigation device runs the same SeeYou software you use for flight planning - familiarity is your friend in the air.

Post-flight Analysis

Clearly see crux points
We all learn by mistakes. With so many possible errors in free flying and often much time in between flights, learning on your own means many years spent acquiring the knowledge to be an expert pilot.

SeeYou makes it easy to combine data and analyse flights made by fellow pilots, allowing you to massively speed up the process.

Ambitious flights start with a plan

Flight data yields a wealth of information, providing crucial extra feedback enabling you to learn from your last flight and fly better next time. Not everyone has either the time or inclination to spend a large amount of time getting flight data into a usable or understandable format, so we make it as easy as possible for you to understand the air and terrain you flew in and how different decisions could have allowed you to get more out of your day.

Whether you are seeking a competitive advantage or simply to increase your chances of having a great days flying, a consistent presentation of information throughout of all of your electronic aids will better enable you to achieve your goals.

For the demanding pilot, from beginner to World Class competition winner, the NaviterĀ  range offers the complete package – SeeYou offers one application to keep you company on your flying journeys for many years to come.

Naviter – enabling pilot excellence one flight at a time