Hyper Change log

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Version 2.01, released 19th September, 2018

Version 2.00
+ FAI assistant
+ OLC optimizations
+ German and French translation
+ Track up map orientation
+ Wind value in Compass rose
+ New Navboxes
+ Navbox for distance flown (Opt),
+ Navbox for optimization back to takeoff (cOpt)
+ Navbox for flown FAI Triangle (FAItri)
+ Navbox for distance until FAI triangle 20% rule is satisfied (Tri20%)
+ Navbox for last 60 minutes speed (60´.Sp)
+ Navbox for Distance to Takeoff (dToff)
+ New Thermal Assistant settings > Path width, Path length and zoom settings
+ Climb threshold setting
– Steering course graphics settings
– Glider&track graphics settings
– Improvement: separate setting for Compass rose and Map pages orientation
– Improvement: vario symbol > vario off-scale drawing
– Improvement: new Volume change dialog
– Improvement: graphic icons in Menu > Task dialog
– Improvement: WiFi range and behavior improved
– Improvement: start Gate time set to 12:00 by default
– Improvement: new icon for Vario settings dialog
– Tweak: Task optimization line changed to black
– Bugfix: Flight will finish when H&F is turned off
– Bugfix: Airspace warnings are drawing over vario symbol
– Various minor bug fixes, performance and UI improvements

Version 1.23
+ Auto QNH
+ Vario algorithm updated (it is the same like on the Oudie now)
+ Add waypoint functionality added
+ Load task from CUP file functionality added
+ Task > Start Speed Section time setting added
– Improvement: Charging and USB behavior
– Improvement: Multiple CUP file managing added
– Tweak: Take off and landing detection improved
– Bugfix: No more errors while connecting to PC
– Bugfix: Correct vario scale when vario units are in ft/min
– Various bug fixes

Initial Release
+ Hike & Fly mode
+ Thermal Assistant
+ Airspace View and warnings
+ Compass rose
+ Intuitive settings Menu
+ Waypoints and Go To
+ Tasks
+ Hyper Jacket as an optional accessory