Oudie Updater

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Oudie Updater is a very simple but effective tool for managing your Oudie. It works with Oudie 1, Oudie 2, Oudie 3 as well as Oudie IGC in one seamless package.¬†On windows it installs into the tray, sits there quietly until there is something you need to know. That’s all! Press the buttons when there is something to update and keep your Oudie updated at all times. Just look out for this message:OudieUpdater-updates_available

Main features

  • Free software
  • Works with all types of Oudies – Gliding and Free Flight versions included
  • Installs into tray and sits there quiety until there is something you should know
  • Updates Oudie firmware
  • Updates Airspace files
  • Updates Maps
  • Updates FlarmNet database*
  • Connects to Oudie through USB
  • Connects to Oudie through Active Sync**
  • Small footprint
  • Updates itself automatically

* Only on Oudie 1, Oudie 2 and Oudie IGC
** Maps will not update through Active Sync because the transfer speeds are too low

What others say about Oudie Updater:

Fantastic guys, what a simple, quick, neat, useful app! Thanks very much!